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Select League FAQ

Select League FAQ


This FAQ Section & our Select League are for players in Grades 5-8 (or younger)


For Select League: what are the age group divisions? 

In our Select League, team placement is not guaranteed, and there are 2 Teams per Age Group selectively formed for each of the following age group divisions based on the results of "Select League Tryouts" (8 total divisions): 

  • Grade 5 Boys
  • Grade 6 Boys
  • Grade 7 Boys
  • Grade 8 Boys
  • Grade 5 Girls
  • Grade 6 Girls
  • Grade 7 Girls
  • Grade 8 Girls

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 teams created (A Team + B Team) per Age Group Division. Ex: Grade 5 Boys has 2 Teams that are created from the results of the "Select League Tryouts". 


For Select League: when does registration open?

In our Select League, online registration always opens on after Labor Day of each calendar year. 


For Select League: where do I register?

In our Select League, once registration opens after Labor Day, there will be a "REGISTER ONLINE" link that will become available on our website. From there, you will want to navigate to "Select League" and select the division based on the player's School Grade for either Boys or Girls. 


For Select League: how are teams formed, and can I specify preferred teammates / coach?

In our Select League, team placement is not guaranteed. Teams are formed by the coaches of each Division team based on the results of the "Select League Tryouts".


For Select League: when are "Select League Tryouts" and how long does the season run?

In our Select League for the 2023-2024 MYB Season, Tryouts START Oct 1st for many Age Group Divisions, please check out TRYOUT SCHEDULES for more info. Players must/should attend ALL of the Select League Tryouts. 

IF a player is successfully placed on a Select Team after the Tryouts, then the following rough schedule applies (see below)

  • First Games – After Thanksgiving Break
  • Holiday Break Starts 
  • Games Resume – Monday after New Years
  • Last Games – TBD
  • Playoff Start – TBD
  • Playoff End – normally the first week of March (TBD, please stay tuned)


What is the difference between House League & Select League?

In our House League, ALL players who register & pay online PLUS attend 1 House League Evaluation Session are eligible for team placement via the "Player Draft". All skill levels are welcome. 

In our Select League (only for Grades 5-8), team placement is extremely selective and based on SEPARATE "Select League Tryouts" different than the "House League Evaluation Session". Unlike House League, not all players are placed on a team. There are only 2 Teams formed for EACH Grade between Grades 5-8 for both Boys & Girls in our Select League, so roster spots are limited; unlike our House League. "Select League Tryouts" occur BEFORE "House League Evaluations", so there is an opportunity for players that don't get placed on a Select League team to participate in House League instead. Please see 2 scenarios below: 

SCENARIO #1 - IF a player tries out for Select League and is not placed on a team, they can automatically be switched over to House League (there is no cost difference between Select League Initial Tryout Fee and the House League Registration fee) to be automatically registered into House League. PLEASE NOTE: in this scenario, the House League player will still be required to attend 1 House League Evaluation Session* to be eligible for the "Player Draft" and team placement; *even if they participated at the Select League Tryouts.

SCENARIO #2 - IF a player tries out for Select League and is not placed on a team, they can receive a full refund if they do NOT wish to join our House League. 

On the player registration form for "Select League", you are able to choose your preferred outcome if the player is not placed on a select team: partial refund to be transferred to House League, or a full refund for no participation this season.


For any additional questions not found in the Q/A's listed above, please feel free to email us directly at


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