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House League FAQ

House League FAQ


This FAQ Section & our House League are for players in Grades 4-12


For House League: what are the age group divisions? 

In our House League, all skill levels are welcome and there are the following age groups divisions available for player registration based on School Grade (12 total divisions): 

  • Grade 4 Boys
  • Grade 5 Boys
  • Grade 6 Boys
  • Grade 7 Boys
  • Grade 8 Boys
  • Grade 9/10 Boys
  • Grade 11/12 Boys - SEE DIFFERENT FAQ
  • Grade 4 Girls
  • Grade 5 Girls
  • Grade 6 Girls
  • Grade 7/8 Girls
  • HS Girls (Grades 9-12)


PLEASE NOTE: depending on how many registered players there are for each age group division, there are often 2 divisions per age group (ex: East Division + West Division for Grade 9/10 Boys) to help account for skill levels at a higher volume of player participation. 


For House League: if an age group has an advanced (East) and less advanced (West) skill division, how will it be determined where my child plays?

In the House league, Head Coaches draft the players on their team based on the evaluation results and their past knowledge of the player's skill.  In a league with both East and West Division, East Coaches draft the players they select, and all remaining players are drafted by the West Coaches.

For House League: when does registration open?

In our House League, online registration always OPENS on after Labor Day of each calendar year. 


For House League: when does registration close?

In our House League, for Grades 4-8, online registration CLOSES after the final evaluation session, sometime during the week of October 30th.  For High School House leagues in Grades 9-12, registration CLOSES on November 15th. 


For House League: where do I register?

In our House League, once registration opens after Labor Day, there will be a "REGISTER ONLINE" link that will become available on our website. From there, you will want to navigate to "House League" and select the division based on the grade of the player for either Boys or Girls. 


For House League: is there an opportunity to specify "conflict days" (or times)?

In our House League, yes - at the mandatory Evaluation Session, there will be an opportunity to specify up to TWO WEEKNIGHT conflict days that the player cannot practice on the Evaluation Session form itself.  No more than TWO nights can be listed as a conflict - you must provide the league at least three completely free days for your child to practice. For example, you cannot list "cannot practice before 6pm any day" on your conflict form.  The conflicts refer to the months of practice (November to February of the next year), not their schedule when they register. 


PLEASE NOTE: please be sure to enter accurate conflict days - once team formation occurs, it is impossible to switch team rosters due to a conflict day


For House League: how are teams formed, and can I specify preferred teammates / coach?

In our House League, we do not accept player requests for placement with specific coaches or to be placed on teams with friends - teams are only formed by "Player Draft" by head coaches.  To be eligible to be placed on a team, ALL players MUST be registered & paid online AND they MUST attend one (and only 1) House League Evaluation Session for their corresponding age group division. Without both of these criteria met (evaluation session attendance + online registration), then the player will not be eligible for team placement during the head coach draft.  The House League also does not accept requests for your child to be assigned a specific practice gym.
For Grade 11/12 Boys House League, teams are formed differently. Please see the following link for a different FAQ for more info (see link): GRADE 11/12 BOYS HOUSE LEAGUE FAQ

For House League: when are Evaluation Sessions scheduled and how long does the season run?

In our House League, the Evaluation Sessions will be scheduled during the last two weekends in October. The "Player Drafts" are held in the first 2 weeks of November. And the first practices are normally scheduled the week/weekend before Thanksgiving Break. The season will start in December and will last until March of the following year.


For House League: what happens if a player cannot make a mandatory Evaluation Session?

Unless the child is injured, evaluation sessions are mandatory and must be attended or your child will not be drafted onto a team.  Sessions are held over two weekends to enable parents to choose which one fits their schedule best.  Contact the Age Group Commissioner with issues about attending the evaluation sessions.


For House League: what happens after a player is placed on a team via the "Player Draft"?

In our House League, after a player has been successfully placed on a team via the "Player Draft", the respective Coach for that player will either email or call the parent/player to give them the practice day + game schedule.


For House League: are there games, or only practices (or both)?

In our House League, there are both games and practices. Teams meet once on a weeknight for Practice, normally starting between 5-8PM depending on practice time slots (younger kids tend to have earlier time slots). And teams have 1 game per week, either on Saturday (8:30-5pm) or Sunday (12-5pm).


What is the difference between House League & Select League?

In our House League, ALL players who register & pay online PLUS attend 1 House League Evaluation Session are eligible for team placement via the "Player Draft". All skill levels are welcome. 

In our Select League (only for Grades 5-8), team placement is extremely selective and based on SEPARATE "Select League Tryouts" different than the "House League Evaluation Session". Unlike House League, not all players are placed on a team. There are only 2 Teams formed for EACH Grade between Grades 5-8 for both Boys & Girls in our Select League, so roster spots are limited; unlike our House League. "Select League Tryouts" occur BEFORE "House League Evaluations", so there is an opportunity for players that don't get placed on a Select League team to participate in House League instead. Please see 2 scenarios below: 

SCENARIO #1 - IF a player tries out for Select League and is not placed on a team, they can receive a partial refund (the difference between Select League Registration costs and House League Registration costs) to be automatically registered into House League. PLEASE NOTE: in this scenario, the House League player will still be required to attend 1 House League Evaluation Session* to be eligible for the "Player Draft" and team placement; *even if they participated at the Select League Tryouts.

SCENARIO #2 - IF a player tries out for Select League and is not placed on a team, they can receive a full refund if they do NOT wish to join our House League. 

On the player registration form for "Select League", you are able to choose your preferred outcome IF the player is not placed on a select team: partial refund to be transferred to House League, or a full refund for no participation this season.


For any additional questions not found in the Q/A's listed above, please feel free to email us directly at


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